live an authentic, purposeful, happy and meaningful life

Keep Wandering Program

This is where the magic continues.

Because you want to keep living a happy and meaningful life


Find clarity in your life

 What makes my coaching different from many other coaching approaches out there is that I dive deep instead of staying on the surface. This will give you long lasting results instead of a quick fix.

Life never stops changing. You may feel you want some ongoing support and accountability for when things come up as they inevitably do.


Life never stops changing. If you want some ongoing support and accountability for when things come us, this program is for you.


If you want to maintain the magic, this program is for you.


If you have been through one of my other programs, this program is for you.

How does it work?


1:1 Online sessions

You will get a fully customised session. This will give you accountability, support and guidance when you need it.


How often

This is a reccuring monthly program which you can start and stop at any time. You can chose how many sessions per month you want depending on your needs. It’s up to you.



I’m there if you need quick support in between sessions.



Prices start at $297/month depending on your needs.


Okay, I can imagine something thinking of ownership.  But having ownership of my feelings / emotions and thoughts was something I had never thought of …
My first reaction was: “What!!! Do they belong to me and I am entitled to them regardless of what others think of it!”

Sietske has guided me through a process to really feel what ownership meant to me, ownership of my emotions and thoughts.  Where do I feel them in my body?  Where are my powers?  Where are my vulnerabilities?  Where am I? With Sietske’s guidance we focussed on ME and not at what I thought was expected of me (and believe me that wasn’t that simple at all), I was able to straighten my back bit by bit.  I learned to feel what I want and what my powers are.  I remain standing straight now, even though I get challenged! Sietske helped me to believe in myself again. To know I’m valuable no matter what, valuable in who I am and what I do.

I now have a challenging job in which I can use my competencies, gather success experiences and feel strong and good!

Thank you, Sietske, you are awesome and changed my life!!

Yolanda Timmermans

Founder, Owner, Vidar