The Power of The Unsent Letter 


the unsent letter

The Power of The Unsent Letter 

Full of rage at someone but not sure you can tell them? 

Feeling hurt and let down by a partner but fearful of telling them straight? 

Need your voice to be heard without being judged? 

Wish you could tell a parent exactly how they made you feel? 

Have a request to make that you can’t say out loud? 

When you have issues with a person in your past or present life it is often helpful to be able to express your ideas and feelings without having to worry about how that person is going to react. 

Unsent letters are powerful because they’re for your eyes only so you’re genuinely able to express all that lies unexpressed in your heart without needing to explain all of the details.

The unsent letter is a form of writing therapy that encourages you to address a letter to someone you don’t feel you can talk directly to – perhaps a former lover, a friend you’ve fallen out with, or perhaps someone who has died. It’s a way of putting into words a deeply held thought or feeling that has somehow been damaging you in some way, or holding you back. 

The idea is that you write about your feelings openly – so they’re ‘out there’ – but you don’t have to send the letter. The point is to articulate and process your feelings rather than openly hurt someone else by sending the letter.

So you can rage about a vexatious issue connected to a significant person in your life, and it’s you who ends up feeling better. The unsent letter can be written by hand, or typed as an email – whichever you prefer. Just don’t press send!